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     The core idea is to develop a Game Editor software that gives you the power to create games level with little or no programming and technical background.  
  Essential features of a game editor :  
   Intuitive GUI - Look and feel that artist are used to building levels ,  like MAYA, 3d max etc - 'Low Learning Curve'  
   Rapid Prototyping - Develop a level with collision, animations graphics, sound etc really fast to see feasibility of the designed level  
          :. Low Learning Curve - Features, look and feel that artist are used to , Like Similarity to MAYA  
          :. Multiple Render Views  
          :. Editing Tool set  
          :. Animation  
                  :. Character Customization  
                  :. AI – Behavior graphs, Components etc  
                  :. Controllers , Animation sets  
                  :. Attribute Editor  
          :. Database Driven Asset management – Query, add, delete Models, textures, animations, scenes , scripts,  shaders into central database that multiple users can share  
          :. Version Control – Integrating to Alienbrain, CVS ,proprietary version control system  
          :. Exporting to Custom Data format  
          :. Application Customization  
          :. Game Events and Controllers  
          :. Input Flexibility ( file formats etc )  
          :. Actions  
          :. Scripting  
          :. Culling System  
          :. Physics  
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