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We have developed and published the world’s first street cricket PC game. We are pioneers in the 3D gaming space in India . Our game is unique in content, inspired by the streets of India , the way everyone played growing up between cars and cows on the streets. It’s about how cricket is part of every Indian’s life. It’s all about the passion for the sport. To download the game, visit
Our Team
     AntimaFX has an experienced team of artists, software engineers, designers and most importantly managers who are excellent in communicating with clients. Our company founder has actual experience developing game engines and delivering big game titles in USA such as Midnight club 2 & 3, Bulletproof, NBA-Inside drive, Hunter the Reckoning for well known global gaming companies like Rockstar Games, Vivendi universal and THQ.
Our Offering
     AntimaFX has a specialized team which offers application development in the following fields.
  :. 3D Game development
  :. Real-Time 3D Visualization
  :. Game Tools - Editors, Exporters, Art pipeline scripts
  :. Simulation Software
  :. Modeling - Levels, props and characters
  :. Character Animation and rigging
  :. Texturing and Lighting
  :. Cinematics
Our Value
     AntimaFX would like you to consider the following aspects of collaborative offshore development wherein AntimaFX offer:
  :. Enhanced Innovation - While we handle product development your team can focus on concepts and innovation that will ensure the unique differentiation of your product in the market.
  :. Reduced Time to Market - Our understanding of technology, project management and global communication and support will ensure faster delivery.
  :. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership - Initially sub-systems selected by you can be executed offshore at substantial savings with no compromise on delivery and quality.
  :. IP Protection - AntimaFX understands your concern about IP protection and will have comprehensive non-disclosure agreements and we strive to be a long-term reliable partner.
Our Goal
     AntimaFX's goal is to provide an excellent team to produce software on demand and assist development companies in visualizing their product with state-of-the-art technology.
Areas of Expertise
     We are specialized in the following topics
  :. AI - Navigation and Path Planning, Traffic Simulation, Decision Making, Distributed Agents, Robotic control , Group behaviors
  :. Graphics - Fundamentals and Theory of Graphics, Shaders, lighting, shadows, particle effects, mesh deformation, LOD, Light Maps, etc
  :. Computational Geomtery - Convex Hulls, range tree, Kd-Tree, BSP, Octree, Visibility , Occlusion , PVS, Half-Edge
  :. Physics - Vehicle mechanics, Robot motion planning, dynamics , Projectiles, collision detections , rag dolls
  :. Animation and Mechanics - Inverse Kinematics, Animation blending, State machines, Rag dolls , collision detection
  :. Tools - Editors, Converters, Art pipeline tools, designer viewer
  :. Software Engineer - Extensive project planning , application of Design patterns and friendly Documentation
  :. Rapid Prototyping - Quick and efficient market testing
Software Skills
     AntimaFX has experience in developing cutting edge technology using the following
  :. Virtools - 3D Games , visualization application
  :. Ogre3d - 3D Games , Cross platform tools
  :. Havok and ODE for Physics
  :. DirectX, OpenAL, OpenGL
  :. Maya Api , MEL script
  :. C/ C++ (Visual Studio 2005)
     AntimaFX Art team has extensive knowledge and experience in
  :. Maya
  :. Max
  :. Z-Brush
  :. Combustion
  :. Photoshop
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