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Over the years, Antimafx has become world illustrious for producing dazzling photo realistic 3D renders for urban planners, architects, developers, builders and many other related industries.

Antimafx supports you to produce stunning photo realistic 3D visualization of your projects using the material schedules, CAD or Sketch Up drawings etc., that you provide us with.

Just an email or phone call is enough to get your project moving forward with Antimafx.

“Usually we don’t speak much about our work, as our work speaks for itself.”

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Photo-Realistic Rendering

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Architecture Video

Our Team
     AntimaFX has an experienced team of architects, artists, 3D programmers and most importantly managers who are excellent in communicating with clients. We have specialists in Lighting, Modeling, Texturing and Compositing, a Technology Team that constantly strives to incorporate the latest and in-house Architects who combine to deliver cutting edge rendering.
Our Offering
     We combine Rapid prototyping and Photorealistic rendering to deliver services in:
  :. 3D Modeling and Rendering
  :. Architectural Graphic illustration
  :. Architectural Walkthrough Animation
           :. Visual Effects
           :. Animated characters, trees and vehicles - Extensive Library is available
           :. Machines and Equipments - We custom build/ acquire CAD models from manufacturers
  :. Marketing Presentation - Brochures, DVD Presentation with Menu, Television ADs
Our Value
     I would like you to consider the following aspects of collaborative offshore development wherein we offer:
  :. Enhanced Innovation - While we handle product development your team can focus on concepts and innovation that will ensure the unique differentiation of your product in the market.
  :. Reduced Time to Market - Our understanding of technology, project management and global communication and support will ensure faster delivery.
  :. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership - Initially sub-systems selected by you can be executed offshore at substantial savings with no compromise on delivery and quality.
  :. IP Protection - AntimaFX understands your concern about IP protection and will have comprehensive non-disclosure agreements and we strive to be a long-term reliable partner.
Our Goal
     You Dream, We Digitize is our motto; AntimaFX's goal is provide an excellent team to assist architects in visualizing their ideas with state of the art technology.
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