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AntimaFX is a 3D art, video game development and structural visualization studio founded in 2006 by an experienced group of entrepreneurs. The management team has people from diverse backgrounds like gaming industry, web technologies, animation and movie industry (Leo Burnett, Vivendi, Rockstar Games, Intel and McKinsey) with stints in USA , China and India . We have served clients in U.S. , Europe and APAC. This brings a unique technical and cultural background to AntimaFx and the ability to understand the creative needs of a contemporary audience.

Acina Technologies, a web development firm founded in 2003 was acquired by AntimaFx Studios in the year 2006.

Antimafx Core Divisions:

Our team has expertise in several fields that allow us to stand out from other development studios:

  1. Game Concept and Development : Concept, Design, Art, Programming and Testing
  2. 3D Art & Animation :
    1. Low and High Poly 3D art asset development.
    2. Animation for advertisements, movies, TV, short films.
  3. 3D Technology Development:
    1. Tools : Animation Constraints, Batch process, Asset management & Database driven
    2. Rapid Prototyping that allows for quick and efficient market testing
  4. 3D Structural Modeling and Product Design
    1. Architectural Rendering and Walk-through.
    2. Product Design and Promotion
    3. 3D for the Web enabled by Flash based delivery


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