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3D Gaming / Programming
We have developed and published the world’s first street cricket PC game. We are pioneers in the 3D gaming space in India . Our game is unique in content, inspired by the streets of India , the way everyone played growing up between cars and cows on the streets. It’s about how cricket is part of every Indian’s life. It’s all about the passion for the sport. To download the game, visit
Architectural Rendering
Antima Fx  

Over the years, Antimafx has worked on several projects for clients in the US , Canada and Europe . We have built architectural walkthroughs for property developers in the Canada and the UK .

Developing customized architectural rendering of images, 3-D Structural models that can be customized as follows:

  1. Walkthrough with different camera angles
  2. Color and Lighting changes
  3. Populating buildings with People/Traffic simulation.

We produce dazzling photo realistic 3D renders for urban planners, architects, developers property dealers and builders.

Virtual Product Design

3D Art has a widespread application in today's world. With the rapid growth of internet, users demand more from traditional websites. There is a rapid migration from flat interfaces to more robust 3D interfaces, enhancing user experience & visualizing things as close to real life as possible.

Kabaisang, an alien pet that Leo rescues from a mad scientist lab. These two buddies have many adventures together. “The Bait” is a suspense trailer where the hunter becomes the hunted. 
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Banda Singh was born in a Minhas Rajput family. He is considered one of the greatest and most hallowed warriors and martyrs of the Sikhs. He become a Sikh warrior known for his struggle against the Mughal Empire in the early eighteenth century after meeting with Sri Guru Gobind Singh. He became a warrior against the Mughal Empire and Guru Gobind Singh gave him the new name of Banda Singh Bahadur.
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